Bram band is.... 

A Melbourne Blues Band.

Funky, swingin' and downright fun.

Wherever this band plays, the chatter is always positive. Old fashioned guitar band rockin' blues. It'll make you happy.

ChrisStockley(g,v) a major player in Australian music. Axiom and The Dingoes two of his ventures. 
MichaelBright (Vacation in Harlem, TheOrphans) 
JohnDynon (Blues Int'l, RattlinCane) 
LesOldman (RossHannaford; AlexBurns, AndreaMarr) 
Blues, roots, Americana.

Chris Stockley..guitar/slide guitar/vocals...  (Dingoes, Axiom, guitar for Jimmy Barnes solo band).  Chris has recently been on tour with BrianCadd and Glenn Shorrock (LRB).

Michael Bright..guitar/vocals...   (Vacation in Harlem, The Orphans).. A beautifully balanced guitarist with that bluesy edge that often surprises and delights.

John Dynon..bass guitar..   (Blues Int'l, Rattlin' Cane) The man... when it comes to laying  down a no-nonsense groove on the bass.

Les Oldman..drums/vocals...   (RossHannaford; AlexBurns, AndreaMarr). Has played  Memphis at BB Kings..Mr versatile. Loves deep pocket and swings like the proverbial.

Band repertoire is a full on mix of Blues, roots, Americana.

Check out the Facebook videos.(click Facebook icon to link)

All members are well credentialed Music Industry people. The number of albums and gigs played between them is enviable.

 The band is looking to play often including festivals..they want to raise the roof. to hear from you...check 'em out...Bram !